What are cookies and why does INTERAMERICAN use them?

They are small text files that are sent to the browser that you use and stored on your computer, mobile phone or other electronic device while you are on our website. Cookies help us view the performance and traffic of our website, and improve its presentation and content, according to the preferences of our visitors.

Which cookies are used by the website

When browsing the Anytime website, the first time you enter the website you are informed through a relevant notification at the bottom of the page that you understand and accept the use of cookies for its smooth operation or, alternatively, you have the option, through the "settings" link, to specifically select which cookies you want and which you do not.

Cookies (Lifespan)

How to delete cookies

In case you wish to delete the stored cookies from the browser's settings, you can visit the following websites and find out about the required actions you need to take.

  • Internet Explorer
  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Opera
  • Safari
  • Safari for iPad and iPhone

The content of this "Cookies Policy" may change at any time, in order to upgrade the services provided by the website For this reason, you should check the content of this website frequently, so that you are always informed of the applicable policy.

Consent Mode Modeling

During your visit to anytime, as soon as the information about the rejection/acceptance of the use of cookies is collected, the consent status is sent to Google in the form of cookieless pings for further processing. Users' privacy preferences are maintained at every step and no personal information is sent other than information about consent options and/or changes that may have occurred in their status while navigating the site. The information sent to Google is as follows:

  • Timestamp
  • User Agent (program that helps the user connect to anytime).
  • Referrer (referrals that can come from a variety of sources, such as posts in Google Groups)
  • Indication of whether the current or any previous page during your anytime navigation included information with advertising clicks (ad-clicks).
  • Boolean information (true/false information) for the consent state.
  • Random number generated on every page that loads.
  • Information about the consent platform used by anytime.

Google Analytics Advertising features

Our website uses Google Analytics, Google Ads and Google Signals which are Google services. Specifically, after the user's consent, data is processed as described below:

Google Analytics uses cookies to track page traffic and analyze and improve the website based on user behavior. Google Ads also use cookies in order to calculate the efficiency of the advertisements placed (Google Ads campaigns) and to show the user personalized advertising messages.

Google Signals aggregates reports from multiple platforms about users who have personalized advertising enabled in their Google Accounts. Reports may include data such as user location, history, YouTube history and other data from sites that work with Google. You can opt-out (withdraw consent) from Google Analytics Advertising Features via:

Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add on: Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on Download Page

Google Ads Settings for mob: Change settings quickly on your Android phone - Android Help (

Google Ads Settings: Ad settings (

NAI: NAI Consumer Opt Out (

Enhanced Conversions

When a customer completes a conversion on, we may receive first-party customer data such contact details. This data can be captured in your conversion tracking tags, hashed (SHA 256 algorithm), sent to Google in its hashed form, and then used to enhance your conversion measurement.

Log Files

During your visit to Anytime, certain data from the visitor's/user's browser are automatically collected by our server and recorded in special files (log files). Specifically recorded:

  • the IP address of the visitor/user, which is his personal data, even if we cannot identify him/her ourselves based on this element,
  • the date and time of execution of each request for data transfer between browser and server (https request) for the operation of the https protocol,
  • the response code of the server together with the call parameters of the https protocol (https response),
  • the server response time in ms to each request and
  • the type of browser program through which the request was made.

  • The above information is kept for a period of 12 months and is collected for the purpose of checking the security of Anytime's information and investigating any access errors to its online services.