More discounts on your Bolt rides by purchasing a Smart Drive insurance program

Choose Smart Drive, drive safer, and get discounts on Bolt, too!

Anytime, in collaboration with Bolt, an innovative taxi service, stand by your side and help you move around the island quickly, easily and with more discounts! If you have an Anytime Smart Drive insurance program, the safer you drive, the more you are rewarded. What’s more, if you feel tired or it is one of “those” party nights out, you can use Bolt instead of driving and get a discount.

How do you get the discount?

  • Purchase the Smart Drive insurance program that suits you
  • Download the Smart Drive Cyprus app (Google Play Store, Apple Store) and connect to the app following the instructions you receive directly to your email
  • Begin by driving safely and after your first routes you will receive a safe driving challenge. Accept the challenge, complete it successfully without any speeding and you will automatically receive a 10€ Bolt coupon in your smart drive application. The Bolt challenge applies only to the new or already existing customers who have chosen the smart drive insurance program.

What’s in it for you?

An additional discount of €5 for your next two Bolt rides, for carefree and safe transportation!

Find out more about Bolt here.

Get the Smart Drive insurance program quickly and
easily, activate the Smart Drive Cyprus app and
enjoy the rewards.

Why Bolt?

  • Safe and convenient
    Moving with Bolt is easy, fast and carefree.
  • Happy drivers. Happy riders.
    Bolt drivers receive daily positive reviews from their clients.
  • Always there for you
    Get support fast, whenever you need it.