More safety and rewards for your whole family!

Discover now the discounts you are entitled to, depending on the number of your insurance policies!

If you are already a member of the Anytime family, we have created exclusive discounts for any future insurance policy, for you and your family.

Combine the additional discounts with the unique offers of the Anytime programs and benefit from a total discount up to 40%.

Enjoy an additional discount with every new motor and/or home insurance for you or another family member (parents, children, spouse)! And because we want you to have more at any time, the discounts you are entitled to for each new insurance policy, are guaranteed forever!

your discounts

We will only need your insurance policy number (home or motor) and the three last digits of your ID or passport number that are declared on your existing Anytime insurance policy, respectively.

This info is always a click away at my anytime, our new free service, and is included in your insurance policy that you have received in your email.

Do not forget to fill out all the active Anytime insurance policies in the family!

  • Benefit from the discounts now!
  • The offer is only valid for future insurance policies of current clients and/or their family members, specifically their parents, in-laws, spouse and children.
  • You can read the Terms and Conditions in detail here.

Get an insurance now for your car or your home and win discounts for all the future insurance policies for yourself and your immediate family members.

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